Master Thesis


This thesis aims to stir up architectural discipline by appropriating the tasks of a
‘kitbashing’-DJ with a medium of a speculative falsified hood documentary.

HOOD140 is a thesis project in a form of a cinematic journey, that bonds together an interdisciplinar research team consisting of the thesis advisors, exploring a quite familiar, yet uncanny reality of the Neu Marx area – one of the multiple decentralized hoods in the city of Vienna.
Embracing the capability of music to communicate the sense of belonging, this project will deal with a new kind of poetry by introducing the character of a narrating DJ and critically transcribing it’s apparatus into the architectural domain.



February 3

100 Ventura Straße
Building 8, Room 10
New Berlin, CA 90026

Self-reflection can’t trace origins. Motive is always in the process of being overgrown. It is taken for granted that the reasons for our generally repetitive behavior are self-evident — of course they are not.
            Using both Diachronic Causation Simulation (D.C.S.) as well as Synchronic Causation Simulation (S.C.S.) Program 1, Habits will explore psychological pattern formation both by a singular event as well as its development over time.



February 4

100 Ventura Straße
Building 8, Room 12
New Berlin, CA 90026

A schematic is a shield against the violence of the variable.
            This is true and obvious for the dogmatic schema of religions, but it is also true for machines and mechanical productions (whether Capitalist or Socialist). Theologies when contrasted to general mechanization have much more in common than the throngs of yelping townsfolk would have you believe — mainly the attempt at automating behavior to secure a future.
            Program 3, Schema hopes to introduce a new discourse for the comparison of these two nodes. The discussion will commence with a comparison of various O'Reilly Media instruction manuals (Erlang Programming and JavaScript) with a recent translation of the Bhagavad Gita.


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